Monday, September 21, 2009

The closet (a scary story)

The creaking floors,the howling winds,the monster under the bed,none of that scared me!But I'll tell you what I'm truly scared of,the closet!My fathers words echoed in my mind,"It's only the furnace son..."but I've always knew how loud the bumps and the thumps are in there.I've always knew what a terror it would be to find someone in there,someone wanting to haunt me until i move out.Or worse,murder myself!I lay there laying very,very,still.the wind whisked and i still lay there,trying not to notice the thump,thump,thump, in my closet.i have never been so scared in my life! i never opened my closet,not even at day!my closet is used for storage,not's the only part i like about my room, really.i lay on my bed,debating whether i should look or not."it's my worst nightmare!"i say to dad,but dad only says to face my fears instead of fearing them.before i knew it i was out of bed and walking quietly toward the door.the soft sounds of thump,thump,grew louder within each step.i fearfully opened the door,and my heart almost stopped!there was a boy standing,and he was like my twin!next thing i knew he was yelling,"Oh!Oh,no!there is someone in my closet who wants to haunt me!!!it's my worst nightmare!!

moral:don't be too sure you know witch side of the world you're really on!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


this picture particularly,is the first one I've posted!in case you're wondering, its a bunch of fairies turning into butterflies in the park to make a girl who believes in fairies fly.this is the best one i could think about(or draw!)so far...PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT THE ONLY I'M GOING TO DRAW.many others are probably going to be portraits so.........thanks for your votes!(or comments!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

interests in anime

i have been drawing anime lately(that's Japanese animation!:0) and i haven't time to think about goin' and bloggin'.i'm very
good at it and mom suggests i should post them on my blog,vote by comments!anyway,my mom thinks its awesome that we should wright children's books!(i heard she wants to make a book called "stop whining,don't ask for anything,get along,and be happy!!"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

the ninjas,like addiction,it is not true.(like scary stories

i went walking down the street one day,and then suddenly..........POP!!!out of nowhere a ninja jumped on me and dragged me into the bushes,i cried for help but nobody would listen!they all looked at me like i was psycho....i blacked out.i woke up in this dragon-like place,the ninja that caught said,Ungava Mach Panama!,to some "king"that looked kind of like the others, but he had a dragon like head piece.remarkably he understood my language and said,do not be afraid o friend,for you are the chosen one!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

sorry for the inconvenience,i wasn't here for a long time.if you may have noticed,the Christmas
post is still up!I'm sending a message to all you followers to let you know that I'm posting a new
post,and also taking away the Christmas if you want leave a comment,this is your last
chance!(even though it's somewhat old)and I'm letting you know it might take a while before
the new post comes up!

Christmas comment has to be in before:5-14-09

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

whale EXPLODES!!!news!

a whale exploded in the middle of the street in Ti Wong!!blood and guts of the whale flowing every where!citizens can't breath in such vicious smell!a veterinarian cuts a dead rotted pig open and discovers that it is chemicals of some kind inside the body that made it blow up.

News brought to you from the science channel!