Thursday, May 7, 2009

the ninjas,like addiction,it is not true.(like scary stories

i went walking down the street one day,and then suddenly..........POP!!!out of nowhere a ninja jumped on me and dragged me into the bushes,i cried for help but nobody would listen!they all looked at me like i was psycho....i blacked out.i woke up in this dragon-like place,the ninja that caught said,Ungava Mach Panama!,to some "king"that looked kind of like the others, but he had a dragon like head piece.remarkably he understood my language and said,do not be afraid o friend,for you are the chosen one!



Olga Spachil said...

This is an exciting beginning - I look forward to the continuation!
Babushka Olya

Eric Lincoln said...

It's nice to have the wonderful Nicole Lincoln back online for the blogging community. Gooooo NINJA!