Tuesday, November 25, 2008

addiction(not true just a story!)

so i have this friend,he goes out in the junkyard and finds this old pacman game.he plays it for a half an hour,and then goes to the bar for about 2 minutes(or maybe 1.)and then goes and plays for three hours.so i come up to him and say,"your addicted,aren't you?"and he says,"no i am not!"so the next day i go to the junkyard for spare parts,and i find him with a jelly donut in his hand,sleeping and drooling,on the pacman game.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

20 q's

name?Nicole, st? Rayville ,skill?cat charmer,geek?nope,jock?nope,total psycho?sometimes,skinny?yep,fat?nope,like spaghetti?yep,like ice cream?yes!ever gone to monster dentist?yep,hey whats your record for asking insane questions?38.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the boy who wished for wishes,(story)

a fairy granted a boy a wish,and she gave him three wishes.and the boy said,"you know I'm smart,i wish for three
more wishes!"so he had six. then he said,"no, not good enough.i wish for three thousand wishes!"so he had,3,006.and he kept on,and on, and on,until he had,8,0000648376237 wishes.so he sat down and counted his loot,when he finished he was just at his funeral.and so folks,gather around!and pick up all the wishes that wasted away.and you heard the story of the boy who wasted his wishes on wishing.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

hey new viewers!

as my step dad said,i have a blog!check out the the hilarious,funniest,the make- you- laugh- so- hard American+Russian drama!that will give you the joy of laughing!enjoy my b-l-o-g!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

america+russia drama

my mom is Russian!and my dads American!and do you know what i am?RUSSICAN!!I'm part America and part Russia!pacific ocean,here we come!"this is your captain speaking,were going to experience light thunder the seat belt sign will be turned on in a few minutes."oh no!we've been hit by incoming thunder!
BOOM!!CRASH!!were dead!


i love kittens.i don't think you have heard of this kind but my daddy in New Orleans has a palm kitten!its a teeny weeny tiny winy kitten that could fit in the palm of your hand!its named Iggy.


meeeowwww!so cute!i have 3 cats,jipsi,teadrop,and tippitina.jipsis my favorite,every night she comes and purrs on me when i'm getting into bed!i love kittens especially.can you believe how small and cute they are?i can't believe I'm saying this,but i think there teeny weeny noses are cute.